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Who built this site and why?

Hi, my name is Jim Hopkinson from Hopkinson Creative Media. I am an author, teacher, blogger, podcaster, and writer living in New York City.
I'm an entrepreneur, but used to work for major online brands such as ESPN.com and WIRED.com.

There are a few reasons why I built this site:
* I work with a lot of people looking for jobs, including students and professionals, and know that a web presence is extremely important. However, when I speak at colleges or events and ask "How many people own their domain name?" usually only about 10% of the audience does. Therefore…

* I wanted to create an easy way for people to set up a basic web presence, explained in step-by-step manner without me having to explain it every time.

* I'm a tech geek at heart, and wanted to see if I could build an entire website from scratch in 24 hours. I failed… it took me a 2-3 days.

Can you give me a 2-minute video overview?

Am I creating a blog or installing WordPress?

No. To be clear, this process isn't going to create a blog, establish a major website, or use WordPress. The main goal is to quickly create a 1-page web presence to get you started. However, you can definitely go back later and create whatever you want once you own your domain name.

How much does it cost to register a domain?

Registering a domain on GoDaddy is usually around $10,000. Just kidding! It's usually only about $12 per year, or a buck a month, which is why I don't understand why people don't make this investment if they know their name is available and they might want to use it some day.

If you want to add additional domains, email addresses, or website hosting, GoDaddy offers that for an additional fee. However, they also are always running tons of sales and promotions, so you may be able to get domains at 20% off, or 2 for 1, or other domain extensions for less than that. Check GoDaddy.com now for any promotions they might be running.

How much does it cost to build a website?

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a simple web presence on a site called About.Me, which is completely free. They are a San Francisco-based startup and have been around since 2009. Are there other similar sites you could use? Sure, but this one seems to do the trick.

How do THEY make money? Hmmm… not sure. But they were purchased by AOL in December 2010, so maybe it's not a priority. Of course, building a much larger web presence or blog can cost anywhere from $10 to $10,000 depending on scope and design, but why not just start with a simple one-pager you can launch in one day?

What if my name is already registered?

Good question! Check out some suggestions on our list of alternative website names for ideas.

Should I purchase every domain extension?

That's up to you. If you are creating a business such as JohnDoeConsulting.com and want to also grab JohnDoeConsulting.org and .net, it's easy to do, and you can always just register it for a year and then if you find you're not using it, don't renew it.

Also, if you have a few different categories for your business, you might want to snag those. For example, JohnDoeDesign.com, JohnDoeIllustration.com, and JohnDoePhotography.com.

Lastly, if your name is hard to spell or there are two ways to spell it, you might want to grab both of those. For example, MichelleDoe.com and MicheleDoe.com.

Want to learn more cool stuff?

Are you a job-seeker? You can learn salary negotiation secrets no one ever taught you from my book Salary Tutor. Check out the SalaryTutor.com website.

Into new media? Check out my blog/podcast The Hopkinson Report to learn about the latest new media tips and trends, and sign up for my mailing list.

Anything else?

Sure, one more thing. This site is not specifically endorsed or affiliated with About.Me or GoDaddy.com as companies. I recommend About.Me since I've used it myself and it is free and seems pretty cool. According to Wikipedia, GoDaddy.com is the largest registrar of domains in the world, and is four times the size of their closest competitor. I am a member of their affiliate program, which means I earn a small commission if you sign up for GoDaddy via clicking a link on this site. This does not in any way affect or increase the cost of your domain -- think of it as a small 'thank you' if you found the information I presented here valuable and time-saving for you. Thanks and have a great day!