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This 7 minute video will show you exactly how to get your own domain name and create a website today in 3 simple steps:

* Register "" on GoDaddy
* Create a simple homepage on About.Me
* Redirect to your new page

First step, press play on the video --->

  Why register your name?

Rank Higher In Search

Having an exact match for your name ( will greatly increase the chance of ranking at the top of search.


Hide Negative Search Results

It's not always easy to remove that drunk photo from the web, but owning your own domain helps control what people DO see.


It's Crucial For Job-Seekers

75% of recruiters do online research of candidates - make sure they find a professional result.


Reserve Today For Later Use

Want to reserve your kid's names or a business name for future use? Get your name today before someone else grabs it.


What if my name is already taken?

Someone else already have
Check our list of alternative website names for ideas.


What if I still have questions?

Learn more about this site, see frequently asked questions,
and watch a 2-minute intro video.

Ready to get started?

1) As you watch the step-by-step video tutorial
2) Follow the easy registration steps on GoDaddy

See What Others Are Saying!

"I've always wanted to have a basic presence on the web and make sure I owned the url of my name, but kept putting it off. Knowing that it was especially important now that I am job-searching, I finally decided to learn how. This tutorial walked me through the exact steps to get it done."
-- Jayme Tomita, Seattle, Washington
The tutorial was extremely easy to follow, and I was surprised how fast I had my website up and running.
Lars Pluss, Boston, Massachusetts
Check out some examples!
Examples above were created on the website About.Me. They have no affiliation with GetYourNameToday - we just think they're a great site that offers awesome webpages that are fast, easy to set up, and free, so we're urging everyone to get one. Hopkinson Creative Media is a member of the GoDaddy affiliate program.